"The promise of a “home” in which to perform an entire season not only enhances our entire community, it provides the cultural enrichment that elevates the quality of life in our City."
Board of Directors
Round Rock Symphony

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Our terrific board of directors enjoyed a very exciting meeting today discussing Central Texas’ bright future for the performing arts and entertainment in Round Rock. We were happy to welcome new board member, Dr. Debbie Zamora. Our terrific team of volunteers are moving mountains for the arts & entertainment, folks. We couldn’t be any more thrilled about what is to come! ...

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Don't you think we need some triangle solos in a beautiful new performing arts center? Make a donation today and put us one step closer to our dream! www.rrartsfoundation.org ...

Triangle solo? Surprising. Not surprising? John Shaw. That moment when the principal percussionist recreates the GEICO commercial during a concert.

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